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Where innovation becomes specific

Successful innovation happens when great ideas meet best-of-class expertise. Good solutions thrive from both inspiration and solid work. Data innovation alliance: Out-of-the-box thinkers and experienced developers join to create innovations that change our world.

Digitization changing everything, especially the way of doing business. Data-driven services are often game changers. 

The Swiss Innovation Catalyst in data-driven value creation

In doing so, we rely on cooperation in an interdisciplinary expert network of innovative companies and universities to combine knowledge from different fields into marketable products and services.

Inspire. Interact. Innovate.

The Swiss Conference on Data Science (SDS) is the most important Swiss conference for applied Data Science!

We connect data scientists, developers, leaders, decision makers and pioneers. We create and exchange ideas for innovative products and services, with a non-exclusive focus on the Swiss market. We foster the community of data scientists in Switzerland – and beyond.

Save the date for SDS2025 on June 26-27, 2025.

Today, we change the world

Digitization changes everything: How we work, how we live, how we make business. In particular data-based services are game-changers.

Data  innovation alliance: the community of innovators.

Responsible value creation: Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is a comprehensive guideline for responsible action.

It is a tangible contribution from our alliance to help companies make data-based business compatible with the core values of our society, and in avoiding damage to reputation. It is a contribution to ensure the social acceptance and sustainability of data-based value creation in our country.

The power of “Together”

Digital innovation does not happen in silos: A single expert is never enough. Additional expertise needed can be found in the alliance.

Data innovation alliance: Combine expertise from different fields for creating successful innovations for tomorrow.

Together we move faster.