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AI Use-Case Talk Series, 30.08.2021

In this edition of the AI Use-Case Talks, on the 30th of August 2021 and the first time live on-site at Technopark in Zurich again in a long time, members of the data innovation alliance from industry, academia and practice discussed predictive maintenance, automated machine learning and structuring information in technical documents.

Dr. Marc Tesch

Our first speaker, Dr. Marc Tesch, CEO and founder of LeanBI AG, used an example of Swiss Post to give participants an insight into Predictive Maintenance. He showcased how suitable sensor technology, IoT and AI can be used to automate the monitoring of installations and machinery to detect errors before they occur.

Dr. Kevin Schawinski

Our second speaker, Dr. Kevin Schawinski,CEO and CoFounder of Modulos Plc, presented his talk with the mystical title “Automated Machine Learning: from cows to galaxies”. He showed the Modulos platform in action with two use-cases: how Swiss dairy farmers can make better decisions on their farms based on their data, and how astrophysicists use AI to analyse data from space telescopes more efficiently.

Dr. Moritz Platscher

Our third speaker, Dr. Moritz Platscher, Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Acodis Plc., a Winterthur-based start-up focused on extracting structured data from documents of any kind using machine learning methods. He highlights some of their approaches to the challenges that one faces in such heterogeneous datasets and presented examples from a recent use case.

These three interesting AI Use-Case talks sparked a lively and interesting discussion afterwards. In the interesting Q&A session, we exchanged ideas, challenges and information among the industry and academic experts. The discussions were deepened after the presentations over a delicious aperitif.

The AI Use-Case Talks are part of a series that takes place three times a year. If you are interested in sharing your AI stories and discussing them with other industry members, you are warmly welcome to join us for our next Use-Case Talks taking place on 8th November 2021. If you are interested in presenting a Use-Case, please contact us by e-mail (

About the Use-Case Talks

The Use-Case Talk Series allows participants to enjoy in-depth technical discussions and exchange information about interesting technical challenges amongst experts. Two to three industry experts and numerous participants took part in the Use-Case Talk to share stories and insights about frameworks, best practices, and tools in data science. 

The Use-Case Talk Series is organized by Aspaara Algorithmic Solutions AG on behalf of the data innovation alliance.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Alexander Grimm, CEO of Aspaara Algorithmic Solutions AG