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Data Sharing and Visualisation

Most users of data today, both inside and within third party organizations, assume the data items they use for processing, decision-making, internal and external reporting, or potentially sharing to be of adequate quality. However, in most enterprises, system integration lacks behind the mentioned requirements thus hampers value creation.

The Expert Group focusses on finding solutions for trustful sharing of data, tackling typical issues such as the following:

  • Data sharing: Lack of a common data language amongst teams, systems, and organizations. Substantial efforts are required to make data sources compatible and non-trivial conversions are necessary to aggregate items of different granularity. Smart access rules and anonymization algorithms are key enablers for trustful data exchange.
  • Spatial data sharing is not as trivial as expected. Right level of aggregation and disaggregation is needed to be authorized to share data in the state of the art regarding the European GDPR or the Swiss data protection compliance policies.

Our goal is to fill the gap between GIS experts and industrial data sharing needs. We aim to bring easy to use Visualization platforms and the methodological background for working with and sharing of geospatial data to industrial members who want to develop value-streams based on sharing GIS data with minimum effort and fast return on invest.

Academic leader: Prof. David Wannier, HES-SO Valais, 

Industrial Leader: TBD


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