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The NTN Innovation Booster – Databooster is a community with an open innovation culture, in which key players around data-based value creation work together to develop innovation ideas and explore new business areas and approaches. In doing so, they give Swiss companies a decisive competitive advantage and create important added value for the Swiss economy and society.

Explore your challenges
We support you in identifying your challenges in an open innovation environment. We organise specific workshops to business and technology topics.

Create a successful innovation team
The most important element for success is the appropriate team. The office supports you in finding the best experts for your innovation idea – in terms of expertise and beyond.

Shape your innovation idea
In moderated innovation workshops by using the Design Thinking methodology you shape your innovation idea with the formed team and additional experts. You get the opportunity to build your first prototype if needed.

Get funding
For a lot of innovation projects, public funding is available which may substantially leverage your own innovation ideas. The Databooster helps you to get access to those funding programs.