Data+Service Alliance – news highlights

The Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services just completed its 1st quarter of operations. During this period, we are happy to say we accomplished a number of tasks, some with expected results, and in some with extraordinary results.

This post will highlight some of those achievements and activities that our members would find interesting to note.


The academic members of the alliance contribute with bringing in conferences that they have been organising, into the network. The benefit for the organiser is that they receive support from the alliance with program elements, organisers have the possibility to gain sponsors from the alliance’s members, there is a wider circle of dissemination and last but not the least, a possibility of financial contribution from the alliance.

The alliance benefits from this model by having a rich conference/events program throughout the year which its members can avail as well as providing discounted registration to its members.

Current & future events committed and scheduled:

The main conference of the alliance is the Swiss Data Science conference, which is going to take place on the 16th of June at Kursaal Bern. The program also includes a pre-conference event on 15th of June at Kursaal Bern, the “Data Science Bootcamp”. Please find more information on these two events on the website
Detailed information on the upcoming events, as listed in the figure above, can be found at

Expert Groups

We have the pleasure to claim that there are already 7 active expert groups run by the alliance. The topics of these expert groups encompass the wide area of data & service science and each have the goal to foster R&D activities and ultimately enable transfer of know-how from academia to industry and vice versa.
The following figure depicts a clear picture of the active expert groups and the statistics behind each group. More information on each of these expert groups can be found at


There are 3 pillars of Data+Service Alliance: Innovation, Education and Inspiration. Therefore education occupies an important position in the activities and offerings of the alliance. The academic members have the obligation of including educational courses (CAS/MAS/DAS) offered by their university in the NTN program. These educational courses can be availed by the industry members of the alliance and paid through the flex budget model.

Currently there are 18 courses that are offered by the Data+Service alliance and the details on these courses can be found at

In addition to these achievements and offerings of the alliance, we are also closely working to foster project activities. The alliance offers support to industries as well as academic institutions to find ideal project partners from its pool of members and offers support and guidance in terms of providing vital information regarding funding opportunities through the various funding agencies like CTI & EUResearch.

We encourage you to come forward if you are looking for answers concerned to any of the activities and offerings of the alliance. The broad network of experts ensure solution to a plethora of problems, if not all!

Stay tuned for more.

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