Code of Ethics for Data-Based Value Creation

The “Code of Ethics for Data-Based Value Creation” is aimed at companies and organizations that offer services or products based on data. Its purpose is to systematically address the ethical issues that arise in the creation or use of such products and services. To this end, concrete recommendations are made, based on three ethical and three procedural values and structured by the four main steps of the data life cycle.

The Code consists of the following documents: 

1) Overview (as poster in formats A2 and A3)
2) Basics 
3) Recommendations
4) Implementation
5) Context 

The Code is available in German, English, French, and Italian and can be downloaded below. License: CC BY 4.0

Übersicht A2A3 (Deutsch)
Grundlagen (Deutsch)
Empfehlungen (Deutsch)
Implementierung (Deutsch)
Kontext (nur auf Englisch)

Overview A2A3 (English)
Basics (English)
Recommendations (English)
Implementation (English)
Context (English only)

Vue d’ensemble A2A3 (Français)
Principes fondamentaux (Fr)
Recommendations (Français)
Mise en oeuvre (Français)
Contexte (seulment en Anglais)

Panoramica A2A3 (Italiano)
Nozioni di base (Italiano)
Raccomandazioni (Italiano)
Implementazione (Italiano)
Contesto (solo in Inglese)

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