Event “Wertschöpfung durch Data Analytics: Erfahrungen aus der Praxis”

On April 12th a joint event with the Data+Service Alliance was conducted in PwC’s Experience Center in Zurich. The Experience Center is a location which has been designed to foster creative thinking and to get a first-hand impression of digital innovations. More than 30 participants from Swiss corporations attended the event to learn how their organisations can generate value from data analytics.

As a first keynote speaker, Ralf-Peter Simon from the International Data Space Association (IDSA) introduced a platform, where companies and institutions can provide and share data in a secure and trustful manner. Each organization can govern and monetize data exported to third parties while staying sovereign of their own data, or can access and use foreign data to improve their own processes. The International Data Spaces Association is has created a reference architecture to implement secure and trustworthy data exchanges. Ralf-Peter presented use cases built using it from the more than 80 European member companies.

In a second keynote, a more company-centric view was presented by Gundula Heinatz Bürki. Gundula described her experience in building up the analytics unit at Mobiliar – her role before becoming General Manager of the Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services. She stressed that not only the support from the executive level is necessary – especially during the initial growth phase – but also quick wins to get visibility and momentum with the business units are essential for long-term success. Finally, an organization’s IT department needs to get actively involved to make sure that new ideas get implemented within a reasonable time horizon.

After discussing questions from the audience, the participants toured a string of experience stations, displaying innovative analytics solutions created by PwC teams and concluded the event at an apéro.

We are very thankful to the participants, the excellent presenters and great discussions.

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