Expert Group Meeting – Business Models for Data-Driven Services


5:00 pm 
Remote Condition Monitoring to Master the New Normal in Maintenance – incl. Q & A

5:30 pm 
Yokoy – AI based Spend management automation  – incl. Q & A

Talk 1

Remote Condition Monitoring to Master the New Normal in Maintenance
Adriana Maldonado de Grüschow, Product Manager Digital Solutions, ABB

Many industries are currently undergoing a tremendous transformation of their previous maintenance operations. The arisen New Normal challenges the usual time-based maintenance procedures. Thus, the interest in remote condition monitoring increases significantly. To ensure safe and reliable operations in the future, sensors need to monitor the key parameters of the asset’s health. Cloud-based solutions with powerful algorithms convert lots of data into meaningful information. ABB will show us how they leverage the new conditions business-model-wise to seize the rising opportunities and simultaneously deliver more value to their customers.

Biography: Adriana Maldonado de Grüschow
Adriana Grüschow is a product manager for ABB’s digital solutions. She introduces smart solutions for remote condition monitoring of assets’ health. To provide value to customers in their digital transformation, she helps them throughout their comprehensive journey. Based on her solid education in engineering and various practical experiences in the mobility and energy sector, she drives digitalization in the electric motion industry.

Talk 2

Yokoy – AI based Spend management automation
Thomas Inhelder – Co-Founder

Yokoy brings AI into finance departments of medium sized, large and enterprise clients to automate the spend management. Thanks to Yokoy, an employee can hand-in expenses within seconds, whereas only outliers need to be checked by managers and the finance team. Yokoy’s artificial intelligence automates the process and makes the expense experience easy and smooth for everyone. Everything can be topped-up with a commission free credit card. One of Yokoy’s further strengths are deep integrations with ERP systems, travel management providers as well as other players in the spend management ecosystem.

All these features combined with extensive analytics function do make the life of an employee, its manager and the finance team much easier and allows to save the companies up to 90% of time and costs compared to a manual or semi-automated approach. Global companies such as Stadler Rail, Sensirion, Swissquote or Hero are already using Yokoy.

Thomas will explain the idea of Yokoy, how AI is used in the Product and why our tool is a great first step for a company to bring in AI into the organisation.

Biography: Thomas Inhelder
Thomas is CFO and Co-Founder of Yokoy Group AG. He gained audit experience during his tenure with KPMG (CPA) and deep finance knowledge as CFO of British Telecom Switzerland. In 2019, together with four others, he co-founded Yokoy in order to leverage the big potential of applying cloud computing, combined with AI knowledge to finance processes. Yokoy has offices in Switzerland and Austria, already over 250 clients and is currently expanding to new markets.

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Mar 24 2021


17:00 - 18:00


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