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Smart Services Summit: Smart Services Supporting the Value Co-Creation in Industrial Context

The 2024 Smart Services Summit invites academics, industry experts, and practitioners to explore the transformative impact of digital technologies and artificial intelligence on value co-creation within service ecosystems. This year’s theme emphasizes the critical intersections between technology and collaborative value-creation processes, highlighting how these elements reshape business models, customer experiences, and service management.

  • Digital Facilitation of Value Co-creation: How digital tools and platforms enhance value co-creation between providers and consumers.
  • AI-driven Innovations in Service Design: Exploring AI’s role in developing new service offerings and enhancing interaction between actors
  • Automating Customer Engagement: The impact of automation and AI on customer engagement strategies and outcomes.
  • Data Analytics in Value Perception: Using analytics to understand and enhance how different beneficiaries perceive and measure value.
  • Data Analytics for Sustainable Value Co-creation: Reconciling business and societal value co-creation with data and analyses.
  • Balancing value creation between individuals and organizations: Value for business organizations as an enabler or counterpart to value for individuals inside or outside (e.g. customers)
  • Integrating AI with Service-Dominant Logic: Application of service-dominant logic in AI-driven service environments to foster collaborative value creation.
  • Ethical Considerations in AI-enabled Services: This section addresses the ethical implications of using AI in service delivery, particularly regarding privacy, transparency, and equity.
  • Case Studies on AI and Value Co-creation: Real-world examples of successful AI applications that have led to innovative co-creation practices.
  • Value from regulations: New EU regulations on data ownership in B2B and B2C markets offer the opportunity to improve data governance and lead to value co-creation.

Contributions are expected to be rigorously researched and provide new insights into the challenges and
opportunities presented by digital technologies and AI in the context of value co-creation. All submissions will undergo a peer review process, with accepted papers to be included in the conference proceedings published by Springer.

As with previous years, we are looking for early-stage research and will publish the proceedings with Springer again. Furthermore, we will use industry to set the scene and the context from their position and follow them with impactful academic presentations.

Prof. Dr. Shaun West, Hochschule Luzern,
Dr. Jürg Meierhofer, ZHAW School of Engineering,
Dr. Thierry Buecheler, Oracle, Zürich,
Special guest chair: Dr. Giulia Wally, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden,

Smart Services
Industry 4.0
Product-Service Systems
Value Co-creation
Service Quality
Service Science
Service Design

i. Write a short abstract:
ii. Short abstract submission: 1 July 2024
iii. Notification of acceptance: 14 July 2024
iv. Full paper submission: 14 September 2024
Acceptance of papers is based on the full paper (up to 12 pages in length, including references). All papers will be peer-reviewed and published by Springer.

There is no template for the abstract.
Word template for the papers:
For initial submission, please submit only a PDF without author details.
For final submission, please submit both PDF and DOC versions.
Our conference will use APA style for references and papers will be limited to 12 pages.

The proceedings from 2023 will be published in June 2024.

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Oct 18 2024


09:00 - 17:30


Oracle, The Circle, Zurich Airport
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