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Webinar: Potential added-value of Artificial Intelligence-based solutions to improving the quality of care of seniors

There are many potential applications of AI in healthcare, particularly in the care of older people. This mainly refers to algorithm-based computing techniques that manage and analyze large data sets to make conclusions and predictions: from clinical decision support systems that can help detect delirium from medical records to wearable devices that can predict the risk of falls.

In this webinar, the needs and challenges of older people will be presented and defined and possible solutions based on artificial intelligence methods for specific application examples will be demonstrated.

12h00-12h10: Presentation of Innovation Booster SILVER AGING
12h10-12h20: Presentation of Innovation Booster ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
12h20-12h30 : Dr. Vincent Grek – AI, medicine and sport for elderly people
12h30-12h40 : Daria Mühlethaler – Supporting the Care Givers with GenAI
12h40-12h50: Q&A
12h50-13h00 : Prof. Dr. Tobias Nef – AI and Digital Biomarkers for patients with Neurodegenerative diseases
13h00-13h10 : Dennis Eitner
13h10-13h20 : Q&A
13h20-13h30 : Wrap-up

Organized by IB Silver Aging and IB Artificial Intelligence


Jun 20 2024


12:00 - 13:30


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