Expert group “Data Integration, Governance and Sharing” – results of the first meeting

The expert group “Data Integration, Governance and Sharing” kicked off on the 22nd of March 2017 at ZHAW campus in Zurich. The expert group focusses on finding and sharing solutions around trusted Data, tackling typical issues of data integration, data governance and data sharing.

About 13 people participated in the meeting with an academic participation of about 25%, the rest were experts from Data+Service member-industries. There were also 3 prospect-member companies who participated in the meeting and whose involvement and engagement was very appreciated. The impression and feedback of the prospect-members on the scope and activities of the alliance was very positive and could possibly lead in the direction of membership with the Data+Service alliance.

The idea of the first meeting was to cluster people according to their interests. As the scope of data integration, governance and sharing is quite broad, four topics and workgroups were formed to focus on a specific idea or problem. Ideas were proposed in a workgroup and an activity was proposed for the idea.

Following workgroups were proposed in the area of:

  1. Software architecture of data integration and standardisation. This was joint with another workgroup in the area of Business process to ensure data quality.
  2. Semi automatic data integration
  3. Business models benefits and data protection

Each of the three workgroups consists of three to four members and will meet independently and work on their problem statement. The next meeting for the main group is decided to be sometime in June at the premises of Scigility in Bern, more information on this will come shortly. In this panel session, the results from all workgroups’ achievements will be discussed and possibly result in a project collaboration.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these topics, or if you have a use-case or problem statement that you would like to share in any of the workgroup, please get in touch directly with the expert group leaders.

Meanwhile, follow us on twitter @DataServiceCH to learn about our activities and events.  

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