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Expert Group Meeting Big Data and AI

The Expert Group Meeting of the Big Data and AI Expert Group (lead by Luca Furrer, Trivadis, and Kurt Stockinger, ZHAW) on Tuesday March 22 was still under the influence of Covid and was held online. In an MS Teams meeting with around 15 participants, we could follow two interesting talks around the challenge to integrate data from different systems and harmonize them.

First Andreas Imthurn and Dominik Auer from actesy AG presented their product to integrate and model data fast using a standardized model. They introduced a use case from the banking industry where the data from different entities have been swiftly integrated in a short time span. This was possible due to the proprietary data model used by actesy. An interesting discussion about the approach has followed analyzing the advantages and disadvantage of proprietary models and some additional talks have been initiated.

Second Philip Kraus from Trivadis Part of Accenture talked about how Knowledge Graphs can be leveraged for the data exchange between Swiss hospitals and research institutions. This innovative approach allows to integrate data collected in different systems and make them compatible without losing data. The presented solution empowers interoperability while keeping flexibility and data security in mind.

Both talks sparked an interesting question and discussion round and hopefully lead to further contacts. It was exiting to hear about two different approaches to integrate various data sources.