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Expert Group Meeting – Blockchain in Interorganisational Collaboration

By Lukas Schädler, ZHAW

Meeting of Expert Group Blockchain, May 5th 2022

In the recent years, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) on the blockchain have
emerged as a new form of organization. In its 15th meeting, the Expert Group had the chance
to visit the ETH student project house and see a prototype of how a DAO in the physical
world could look like.

Hongyang Wang presented no1s1, a house that owns itself. Since no1s1 belongs to no one
but itself, no single entity can decide the fate of it. However, no1s1 interacts with its users.
While the primary purpose of no1s1 is clearly to sustain its existence, its usage might vary
over time. To cope with changing needs of its users and its environment, no1s1 needs to
adapt over time. This needs proper governance mechanisms to define the community’s and
individual’s rights, obligations, and responsibilities as well as the related processes.

Next, Anto Maric presented his concept for handling maintenance of no1s1 and the group
had an open discussion about the possibilities and hurdles of maintaining a physical DAO.

After the insightful look into DAOs with a physical presence, the group moved on to an