Expert Group “Predictive Maintenance” – highlights from the last meeting

The 7th meeting for the Predictive Maintenance expert group took place at Baumer Management Services AG at their office location in Frauenfeld, and was a continuation on the topic of Sensors and their impact on predictive maintenance from the previous meeting. It started off with a presentation from Dr. Arrigo Beretta from Sulzer with the title “Opportunities and Challenges in Pump Monitoring” which covered their activities of predictive maintenance on pumps from sensor to assessment of the data, i.e. the full wing to wing solution. This presentation was followed by Peter Wyser from Roche Diagnostics who talked about predictive maintenance on their medical equipment with the presentation “Invitro Diagnostics Predictive Maintenance Approach”, describing the business driver and future roadmap. A round up discussion finalized the meeting where sensor requirement for the future was discussed, a topic that turned out to be challenging the solve in one meeting. However, in the context of predictive maintenance, being able to sense the physical quantities of value for early failure mode detection is of main importance. The sensor topic will be continued to be discussed in the group, but for next meeting the topic of retrofitting in the context of predictive maintenance will be discussed.

Below are some glimses from the meeting.

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