Expert Group “Predictive Maintenance” meets – highlights of the discussion

The Expert group seminary started with meeting on the demonstrator project. The initial idea of using the OTW-Headstock from BW-Tech was abandoned, however several ideas of new systems to use was discussed. Several requirement for a demonstrator such as possibility do simulate multiple failure/stress modes, being able to run it in building without specific requirement, being able to cover both mechanical and electrical failures. To put some momentum behind this project, a next meeting will take directly after Easter. This is great opportunity to show end to end solution which can foster innovation in the different disciplines involved.

The seminary itself included 6 different presentations, spanning from sensor from conditions monitoring railway applications, sensing of stability level of gas turbine combustion flames, chair lift clamping force, energy harvesting and smart sensor for motors and pumps.

It was very interesting presentation, including both technical depth as well high level discussion about the sensors role in IOT and predictive maintenance.

I workshop to discuss and document the requirement form the participants was planned but due to time reasons it was moved to the next meeting planned in June. A longer workshop will be planned where we can document and catch all opinions on sensor development to support predictice maintence, and this is a big topic. The variety of participants provides a great to catch all different requirement and ideas.

The meeting ended with an Apero and some food.

We are very thankful to all the people attending the seminary, the excellent presenters and the input during the discussion.

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