Highlights on conference “Perspektiven mit Industrie 4.0”

Under the motto “Learning through examples”, the conference on 5th September highlighted viable perspectives for Swiss SMEs. On the basis of concrete implementations, representatives of companies and universities showed what is possible today and reported on their experiences. This showed ways in which companies can take the next step in the implementation of digitalisation.

The conference focused in particular on the question of how to develop new products and services in a digitalised world. The interesting presentations and lively discussions showed which principles should guide the digital transformation in SMEs and which digital supports are already proving their worth in everyday life. In addition, it became clear that digital transformation is a multi-dimensional challenge in which, in addition to technology, one’s own organization and customers also play an outstanding role. Customers expect the services of modern service offerings and consistent product and service experiences. It was also particularly emphasized that new partnerships are an absolute necessity for smart services and products. New ecosystems are emerging in which the trust of the players is built up through co-creation in lighthouse projects.

Link to the conference: https://www.zhaw.ch/de/engineering/ueber-uns/veranstaltungen/perspektiven-mit-industrie-40/ 

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