Highlights on the recently held “Blockchain in Supply Chain Management” Expert Group meeting

On Thursday 13th of September, the 3rd meeting of the expert group “Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Management” took place. More than 20 experts came together at the co-working space TGIM in Zurich to discuss the BFE-funded blockchain project “Quartierstrom”.

The expert group hosted Alain Brenzikofer from Supercomputing Systems AG who gave valuable insights into the research project: In his presentation, Alain explained the organizational structure of the project and outlined how Quartierstrom envisions a local energy market based on a blockchain network of pro- and consumers. He explained the dynamic pricing mechanism which incentivizes nodes to consume electricity in a system-friendly manner. In particular, the double-auction mechanism to allocate the solar power attracted wide interest of the expert group participants.

In order to provide inputs for future blockchain research projects, Alain showed how they evaluated several blockchain platforms until they ended up with Tendermint. In the end, Alain presented various solutions for the privacy issue with blockchains – a highly relevant topic for all blockchain projects.

Even though the participants already posed numerous questions during the presentation, the subsequent discussion revealed many fascinating subtleties of blockchain implementations. It also became obvious that the group’s experts have a very deep and multi-faceted knowledge on blockchain-technology. We are looking forward to enhance and enrich this vast knowledge even more in our fourth meeting in December. The meeting came to an end with interesting talks during the concluding networking apéro.

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