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Highlights on the recently held “Data Ethics” Expert Group Meeting

Last week, we had a meeting of the Expert Group Data Ethics in Bern, hosted by Mobiliar. Main topic was the discussion on how to proceed with the development of our “Ethic Codex” for commercial data usage – it is the goal of the Expert Group to create such a codex as a guideline for companies using data for doing business. The “Ethic Codex” will include the legal requirements, but will complement them with additional aspects, if we feel that just fulfilling the legal minimum could be not enough for social acceptance. The development of the ethical codex is led by Michele Loi (Uni ZH, Digital Society Initiative).

Also, Christoph Heitz (ZHAW) announced the launch of a new research project on “algorithmic fairness”: The goal of the project would be to develop a methodology to help companies to reduce and control unfairness in their algorithms. Companies from the network can still join the project. Contact Christoph directly.