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Rare events in Machine Learning

In person meetings have been a rare event over the last months, so coming together to discuss rare events detection for our first face-2-face meeting in over a year, seemed appropriate!

Rare events are a real pain in Machine Learning. How to detect, classify or predict an event you have rarely seen before?  These topics are both academically relevant pushing the limits of super computing and machine learning and have industrial relevance in banking, insurance, health and agriculture.

The diverse stakeholder around this topic were well represented in what was an insightful group discussed yesterday in Bern. 

Three talks ranging from machine learning methods for financial risk modelling to super computers needed for the physics modelling of natural hazards such as floods and using machine learning to improve predictions, set the scene.

  • Dr. Thomas Krabichler, OST «Rare Events in Financial Modelling»
  • Dr. Ralf-Peter Mundani, FHGR «Predicting Natural Hazards such as Floods with Parallel Numerical Simulation»
  • Dr. Pedram Pad, CSEM «A data-driven approach for lightning nowcasting with deep learning»

Dynamic interaction during the presentations meant the event was already discussing before the apéro started.

Thanks to everyone for the lively debate – Let’s hope more events like this are not rare!