Recap of first “Spatial Data Analytics” Expert Group Meeting and a “Call for Participation”

On June 27 there was another meeting of an expert group at HSR Rapperswil – a beautiful campus at the lakeside. It was the first meeting and a kind of kickoff of the newly established expert group on “Spatial Data Analytics”. Eight attendees came from industry and the same amount of attendees came from academics. The actual number of experts has in fact grown quickly to 40 and more members.

As in other disciplines, the main challenge in spatial analytics are practical applications. According to the expert group charter the focus lies e.g. in spatial information integration, an open geodata catalog, applying location-based algorithms and map visualizations.

During the meeting the group identified several problems that can be approached with spatial data analytics:

  • Site assessment
  • Risk analysis
  • Logistics (at large scale)
  • Asset tracking (at small and medium scale)
  • Disease analysis / epidemiology

Also visualization techniques, data governance issues as well as data quality related user (mis)expectations have been discussed.

During the meeting fruitful discussions came up around the topics mentioned above and many hints could be exchanged.

Finally, the meeting was rounded up with an apéro and a quite intense networking took place.

The next meeting of the expert group is scheduled for the 3rd of October (presumably) in Lausanne. The focus will be on exchanging experiences about using preferably freely available geodata sources.

Call for Participation
Do you have a question that can eventually be answered using spatial data analytics? Then let us know! We offer the possibilities to present your problem to the expert group and we’re confident, that in the rich fund of experiences of the expert group members there will be found good approaches or even the solution to your problem.

If you have questions regarding the alliance, direct them to Dr. Gundula Heinatz Bürki, Managing Director ( ). For specific questions regarding the Expert Group, like about joining the group, contact the leaders Nic Lenz ( and Prof. Stefan Keller (

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