Service Lunch – Digital Twin – highlights

We recently organized the Service Lunch “Digital Twin” event in Zurich.

Christopher Ganz from ABB was talking about the digital twin.

Digital twin is a buzzword that is broadly used in the context of digitalization. Not everything that is mentioned is feasible, and not everything that creates value is mentioned in the context of digital twin. In his talk, Christopher Ganz presented a concept that is currently being pursued by ABB. With the concept of a digital twin as a digital reflection of a physical asset, it became evident that the field of applications is wide and rich. The digital twin can be applied along the product life-cycle from product design to manufacturing, commissioning, operations, and maintenance. The real challenge lies in integrating information about the context and the environment of the physical asset, i.e., about its application. Different use cases may require different levels of accuracy and different data sets with openness and interoperability being key. The presentation was accompanied by lively discussions with the numerous audience and was rounded off by networking among the participants.

Thanks a lot to Christopher Ganz for sharing his ideas with the expert group „smart services“.

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