Spatial Data Analytics

Mining companies strive to explore new and monitor existing sites, insurance companies need to evaluate claims, and financial service companies have to check on potential investment locations and monitor their assets. These use cases represent only the top of the iceberg, and the full potential of spatial data is only just being unlocked. But the analysis of spatial data depends on high-quality, homogeneous and up-to-date geo datasets – ranging from satellite, airborne or drone images to information about foot or road traffic. The compilation, actualization and analyzing of these datasets is tough and often inefficient. In this context, there is a need to overcome big data challenges, exploiting machine learning algorithms and utilizing cloud computing facilities to carry out advanced data processing and analysis on local to global scales. The Focus Topic “Spatial Data Analytics” will promote, support, and accompany innovative projects in this field – from idea generation to implementation.

First meeting: Topics: Introduction, Mission Statement, Geo-spotlights (2-3 lightning talks about spatial analytics with short discussion) 

Academic leader: Stefan Keller, OST,

Industrial leader: Reik Leiterer, Exolabs,



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