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Swiss Viz Awards 2023, 1st Edition

We were presented with numerous outstanding works in the first edition in 2023. From this impressive selection, we chose a winner. Additionally, five projects received honorable mentions.

Winner: Todesfallen aus Ziegelsteinen und Beton (Death Traps of Bricks and Concrete), an NZZ article by Joana Kelén, Roland Shaw and Sven Titz.

Animation for the Office for Gender Equality in the BL region,
Barbara Hahn, Christine Zimmermann (Hahn + Zimmermann)

Animation WTF are NFTs?!,
Simon Härter (Lucerne University of Applied Sciences)

Visualization Grosser Rat Bern (Great Council of Bern)
Johannes Lötscher, Corinne Felix, Michael Erne (Zeilenwerk GmbH)

CarbonViz visualization for discovering personal CO2 consumption
Stéphane Lecorney, Laurent Bolli, Gaël Paccard, Yoann Douillet, Nicolas Chabloz, James Taylor (Media Engineering Institute), 

Politisieren Frauen anders als Männer? (Do Women Politicize Differently Than Men?)
Simon Huwiler, Joana Kelén, Linda Koponen (NZZ), Visual Storytelling


    • Annabelle Rincon, Data Visualization Community Leader
    • Charlotte Cabane, Managing Consultant, D ONE (Chief of Competition)
    • Jan Wächter, Interaction & Visualization Designer, Interactive Things
    • Jonas Oesch, Visualization Designer, NZZ
    • Marina Bräm, Information Design for Knowledge Communication & Visual Storytelling
    • Milena Perraudin, Project Manager, data innovation alliance
    • Sebastian Baumhauer, Managing Consultant, D ONE

    The jury was mentored by Christian Erni, Head of Data Experience and Member of the Management Board, D ONE.