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Expert Group “Blockchain” meeting, 30.09.2021

The 13th meeting of the expert group “Blockchain Technology in Interorganisational Collaboration” took place on the evening of the 30th of September.

At the beginning of the meeting, the group discussed the topic of a Swiss e-ID. The members were able to exchange valuable insights regarding self-sovereign identity. Self-sovereign identity enables individuals to have control over their digital identity. Due to its immutability, blockchain technology can enable self-sovereign identity. Wallet recovery, scalability and API availability are the main issues being worked on in this field right now.
The group decided to send a joint statement with implementation recommendations to the federal office of justice.

Because it has been a long time since the last in-person meeting, the remainder of the time was used by the members to share ongoing blockchain projects and their status, recent blockchain-related news and lessons learned.
Talking points included the issue of scaling and potential solutions to it and decentralized autonomous organizations.

After the meeting, the informal part of the meeting continued with a beer at the local pub.

Expert Group Meeting – Blockchain Technology in Interorganisational Collaboration

The Blockchain Expert Group will finally meet in person again! Look forward to seeing each other to discuss interesting topics over a beverage together.

Please note that the standard safety guide lines still apply.
For questions and further information please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Group leaders.

16:00: Exchange of experiences with Blockchain in the last year
Afterwards: Social exchange in the nearby garden

Expert Group Meeting – Blockchain in Supply Chain Management

Date/Time:    Thursday, 11th July 2019, 3 pm till 5.30 pm.

Location:      ZHAW, Lagerstrasse 41, 8004 Zürich

Room:           ZL O2.01 (2nd floor!)


Agenda / Topics:      

15:00-15:45: Welcome & Internal Discussion (Members Only) 

What outcome do you expect from the expert group?

We want to discuss within the group possible ideas to jointly generate concrete outcomes.

We would like to ask you to send us inputs prior to the meeting. What are some hot topics we should work on? Where is cooperation of the industry and academia desired?


16:00-17:30: Workshop with Vitus Ammann, SBB (Open for Guests) 

Inspired by the Blockchain: Digital certificates at SBB and how the benefits can be maximized.

Based on the principles of decentralized data management and a common truth that cannot be falsified, SBB has developed a pilot for access control and its auditable proof for the Gotthard Base Tunnel that promises massive process improvements across companies.
The expert group is invited both to challenge the approach and to discuss ways of making it usable for as many companies as possible.


17:30-19:00: Networking Apéro

Expert Group Meeting – Blockchain Technology in Supply Management

The next Expert Group meeting will be held over Zoom.

You can join the meeting using this link. Please enter the ID and password from the mail.


Agenda / Topics:

15:00-15:45: Input-Presentation: Martin Fabini, CTO Zürich ti&m

«Self-Sovereign Identity – Importance for business and its implementation»

Martin Fabini will provide a short introduction of the SSI concept and explain on the basis of already existing cases how the concept can be implemented.

15:45-16:00: Coffee Break

16:00-17:00: Workshop & Discussion

The experts will be divided into smaller groups, which will separately discuss the questions at the end of the presentation

On the basis of already existing cases we will explore in the workshop the potential and the impact of the SSI concept(s).
We will further discuss possible application scenarios from the circle of participants


There we will try to find answers to questions like:

Where do you see a business case / use case?

What are the technical issues? How can they be solved?

What are the legal issues? How can they be solved?

What would be the next step to bring the SSI concept further?


Looking forward to our 9th meeting!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Best regards,

Michael Lustenberger, ZHAW School of Management & Law

Expert Group Meeting – Blockchain in SCM

The Expert Group Blockchain in Supply Chain Management invites to their 10th meeting.

The event is online with the use of Zoom.
The invitation link and agenda have been updated in the member area!

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