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ONLINE – Expert Group Meeting – Data Ethics

Data Ethics will meet in June for their second meeting. They will discuss the following points:

1) Information/Update Ethik Kodex (Swico etc.)
2) Terminfindung: Herbst-Event «AI in Human Resources» (in Zusammenarbeit mit dem NFP-77-Projekt «Fair AI»)
3) Input Camela Wey: Datenethik bei der SBB
4) Input Eleonora Vigano (White Paper on ELSI of Big Data)
5) Diskussion zum Thema «Use Cases» für Datenethik-Kodex & mögliches neues Thema der Expertengruppe
6) Varia

Please use the invitation link from the mail to participate.

The Ethics of Data Usage

21.09.2017, 16:00 – 18:00

When using digital data, ethical questions are always an issue. This goes far beyond the legal aspects of data usage, especially in times where legislation lags behind the implemented realities. What is an ethical way of using digital data, i.e. a way that is consistent with our core values? This has to be answered not only be our society itself, but also by each company that is offering data based services. On the long run, the development of digital and data-based services will depend critically on
how we answer these questions.

We invite professionals from industry and academia to join us for a lively discussion on a hot topic in data usage. All participants are invited to a networking Apéro after the discussion.

Expert Group Meeting – Data Ethics

Expert Group Meeting – Data Ethics

Date: 27.09.2018, 16:00 – 18:00

Location: die Mobiliar, Bundesgasse 35, 3001 Bern ->Classroom (Kursraum) no. 4

More information: shared with the Expert Group members. If you’d like to learn more and/or attend, please write to Karin Lange or Christoph Heitz directly.

EG Christmas Apéro Meeting – Data Ethics

Data Ethics is still working out the details but they will soon inform about the details of this meeting. The member area will be updated as soon as more information is known.

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