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8th European COST Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Finance

We would like to cordially invite you to our 8th European COST Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Finance – Sept 29, 2023, online and at Bern Business School.

The topics will cover amongst others

  • Asset Management and Large Language Models
  • Artificial Intelligence in Finance
  • Peer-to-Peer Lending
  • Share Buybacks – A multi-billion dollar question
  • Recent industry developments

Registration (free, but mandatory)

This year, the event will be joint with our Annual Meeting for the COST Action on Fintech and Artificial Intelligence in Finance as well as the European Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action Industrial Doctoral Network on Digital Finance. We will welcome participants from more than 20 European countries in Bern.

See the FLYER here.

Looking forward to your participation.

Best regards

Jörg Osterrieder, Branka Hadji Misheva, Christian Hopp and the entire organization team

NLP in Insurance

Natural Language Processing (NLP) offers fundamental solutions for tasks such as text classification, automated chatbots, text summarization or speech recognition. How can the Insurance industry benefit from these AI technologies? This is the core question for the upcoming Expert Group Meeting “NLP in Insurance”, which will take place on Montag 31.10.2022 at 16:30  at ZHAW Lagerstrasse, Zurich.

Felix Müller, Senior Data Scientist at Mobiliar, will share insights into their usage of NLP for different applications (e.g. using transformers for claim handling). This will be followed be an open discussion among all participants (experts and users from academia and industry) and a nice apero.

The meeting is jointly organized by the NLP Expert Group, the Expert Group AI in Finance and Insurance, and the Swiss Association for Natural Language Processing (SwissNLP).

Expert Group Meeting – Natural Language Processing in Action

It is our pleasure to invite you to an upcoming event organised by the data innovation alliance and SwissNLP, the Swiss Association for Natural Language Processing ( on Tuesday, May 3rd at Nüü (Lagerstrasse 45, 8004 Zurich, ground floor).

We will combine an NLP Expert Group Meeting on Multimodal AI with the SwissNLP General Assembly 2022, followed by an apéro and socialising/networking.

  • 16:00 – 17:00: SwissNLP General Assembly 2022
    • Annual and Financial Report 2021
    • Budget & activities for 2022
    • Board elections for 2022
    • Discussions & Varia
  • 17:15 – 18:30: Expert Group Meeting on Multimodal AI
    An exciting new research direction, Multimodal Artificial Intelligence concerns the creation of AI models which can jointly process different types of inputs such as images, text, audio, video, or structured (tabular or graph) data. This opens up possibilities for applications which can interact with the world in new ways and address much more complex use cases.

A recent example is MUM [1], Google’s “Multitask Unified Model”, which can answer multimodal search queries such as “Are these hiking boots [see picture] suitable to hike Mount Fuji?”

In the meeting, we plan for 1-2 short presentations (10min each), followed by an open discussion of the topic. One potential (and intended) outcome is ideas for joint projects!

  • Looking for Speakers: If you would like to share your experience in Multimodal AI with the group, please let us know. The presentation may include a success story, a collection of best practices, an open problem, or even an outline of a project that would benefit from Multimodal AI. It would be great to discuss positive experiences, as well as blockers and limitations. If you would like to present, please send us your presentation titles (email to Deadline is Monday, April 25.
  • From 18:30: Apéro & socialising/networking
    Join us to exchange & mingle over drinks & snacks!

It would be great to see many of you in person, but online participation is also possible for both events.

Please register using the link from the invitation mail.
Deadline for registration: Wednesday, April 27.

Community Exchange at the General Assembly

What a great late afternoon we had at the Kongresshaus in Zurich. 33 representatives of the members of our alliance met at the General Assembly, an exciting member talk and an apero like in old times.

The General Assembly was rather unspectacular. The financial report for 2020, the budget for 2022, the discharge of the board and auditors were unanimously approved without larger discussions.

Congratulations to the board members Matthias Brändle, La Mobilière, Hans Peter Gränicher, D ONE Solutions AG (Vice-President), Christoph Heitz, ZHAW IDP (President), Anne Herrmann, FHNW Institute for Market Supply & Consumer Decision-Making, Thilo Stadelmann, ZHAW Center of AI and Matthias Werner, Trumpf Schweiz AG that were re-elected for another two years.

The member talk on “An AI practitioner’s guide to data privacy“ by Jacqueline Stählin from D ONE on a mandate for La Mobilière kick-started a discussion with many questions and shared experiences from the community. It was a great transition to the informal apero.

After 2 years without a physical conference among members, a lot of old and new news had to be shared. Some members that joined during the pandemic had the chance to meet the community for the first time in such a setting and for the others it felt a bit like a class reunion. I think I can speak for all of us that we look forward to the next community gathering.

General Assembly & Networking Apéro

The General Assembly is the highest organ of our alliance where you as the representative of your organization exercise your voting right on central issues. We thus urge you to come and take this opportunity to shape our future; in case you cannot make it, please nominate (and inform us) a deputy. You find all relevant documents for the decisions to be made attached, e.g. agenda, minutes, annual report 2020, annual finance report 2020, budget 2022 and the CV of the candidates for election of the board.

Please propose any changes to the agenda, and any other motions, to the board (via until October 11, at the latest.

Please register yourself by sending an email to until October 12.

COVID safety policy

According to the new COVID safety policy at Kongresshaus, a covid certificate requirement applies (3G regulations)!

For attending our General Assembly, please bring your valid covid certificate to the meeting. In the building itself distance and mask wearing requirements will no longer apply.

See you in Zurich!

APMS Conference

APMS 2021 Conference Special Session/Track on Integrated Manufacturing & Service Operations Management for Product- Service Systems

Over the past 12-months there has been an acceleration of the use of digital within the PSS context as remote forms of support have been developed and deployed in the field allowing new collaborative approaches that support value cocreation. This shows new models of integration of manufacturing operations and service management initiatives, enabled by digital that allow these formats to be delivered. Specifically, the implementation of new formats of digitally-enabled value propositions supports innovative forms of asset management, operations and maintenance during the product-service lifecycle. This leads companies to capture new aspects into their product-service system and allows conversions, modifications and upgrades to extend the asset’s overall useful life with both a sustainable and circular view. Different analytical tools can enable new value propositions as well as improving service experience and operational efficiencies. Moreover, the new digitalized solutions help create the ideal conditions to allow the integration of third-party services; namely, system installers, maintenance-focused supplier or existing business partners (e.g. agents or distributors), who may provide service on the operational assets in place of either the customer or the manufacturer.

With the advent of new forms of integrated value propositions focusing on product-service life-cycle, process support services, asset efficiency services or processes delegation services, may thus mean that the traditional PSS models (e.g., Tukker) might no longer be valid in their existing forms. However, additional studies are needed to find new integration schemes, that support the development of emerging business modes, their value propositions, as well as to identify the best underlying technologies. This special session aims to explore different forms of integration within a product-service system context. The objectives support the aim are to:

  • develop new frameworks to describe integrated value proposition within a PSS context;
  • understand and characterize different digitally-enabled value propositions;
  • identify how new technologies enable new value propositions;
  • describe how to better integrate circular economy aspects into the existing value propositions and business models.
    Qualitative and quantitative papers are requested for this session rather than literature reviews.

Big Data Leadership


Big Data Leadership


17:00 – 20:00

Lassalle-Haus, Bad Schönbrunn

​Co-organiser – Data Ethics Expert Group, Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services

​Big Data verspricht, die Arbeitswelt zu revolutionieren. Alles soll effizienter, schneller und objektiv messbar werden. Aber wer bestimmt eigentlich darüber, wie die Arbeitswelt der Zukunft aussehen soll? Welche Auswirkungen haben neue technologische Entwicklungen auf Mitarbeitende, Entscheider und Bürger? Und welche Formen von Leadership braucht es, um die digitale Zukunft verantwortungsvoll zu gestalten?


Use Case Talks Series: Challenges in Time Series Prediction

We enjoy in-depth technical discussions and exchange information about interesting technical challenges among industry, academic and individual members in the Use Case Talks Series of the alliance! In a relaxed atmosphere with about 15 – 30 members of the alliance we will brainstorm about possible pathways towards solutions for the presented challenges. Each speaker presents his or her use case in 25 minutes followed by discussion of about 20 minutes.

The next use case talk will take place
20.04.2018, 17:00 – 20:00

at the premises of our host AWK Group. Please find a map here.

A small apero will be kindly provided by our host and member AWK.

Please register by providing your Name, Email, and Organization by email to by Wednesday, 18.04.2018

We will feature two use case talks:

Use Case 1
Dr. Michel Philipp

Advanced Analytics Solutions for the NOVA Platform

SBB-IT is currently developing a new standardized platform called NOVA (Neue ÖV Anbindung) that provides distribution services to ticket channels of all transportation providers within the Swiss public transport network. In this talk/workshop, we will discuss our ideas for advanced analytics solutions for improved monitoring, alerting and error handling on the NOVA platform.

Use Case 2
Dr. Peter Kauf, Prognosix

Ideas on how to predict rare event time series with potential use of aggregate information.

Prognosix is currently working in various prediction projects, where we are successfully using machine learning methods on e.g. demand in distribution centers, regional harvests, regional road accident risks. But how do we predict time series at a single site, e.g. demand in a small store, harvest at a single producer’s farm or accident risks on a 2km piece of road? These sites are typically exposed to a high amount of randomness, but also to relevant systematic effects. In this use case talk, we would like to discuss approaches and ideas for separating these systematic effects for single site forecasts, potentially making use of aggregate information.

Smart Services Summit – Hot topics in applied smart services

In this workshop, we want to foster the discussion about hot and relevant topics in data-driven services / smart services. Participants will get directions for their own digital / smart service innovation activities. Our objective is that we can find three themes that could make interesting H2020 research projects.

Application of data-driven smart services in industry and manufacturing including the consumer perspective (B2B2C).

Innovation dimensions:

• New value propositions based on data

• Human integration and change management

• Operational efficiency

Date: 6th September 2018, 13h – 17h Preceeded by an optional lunch

Place: Hochschule Luzern Technik und Architektur, Technikumstrasse 21, CH- 6048 Horw

More Information