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EPFL Forum de l’innovation

Le 19 Avril 2018 aura lieu à l’EPFL le Forum de l’innovation pour les PME: conférences, ateliers, démonstrations.

Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services organise l’Atelier F2 qui aura lieu de 14:45 à 15:45:

“PME & Digitalisation: Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services et Innosuisse soutiennent votre innovation!”

Soutenu par Innosuisse, le réseau thématique national RTN Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services encourage les projets innovants basés sur les données pour la création de produits, de services et de modèles d’affaire. Cet atelier permettra de découvrir les offres du RTN et d’Innosuisse. Votre PME a déjà un projet d’innovation en tête ? Alors soumettez votre idée auprès de Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services jusqu’au 06.04.2018 et profitez d’un feedback d’un expert en innovation ! Les 10 meilleures propositions seront présentées sous forme de pitchs lors de l’atelier. Les 3 meilleures seront récompensées par une recommendation pour un chèque d’innovation Innosuisse d’une valeur de max. de CHF 15’000.- ! Un prix surprise sera également attribué. Attention: sélection sur inscription préalable – pour participer – merci de soumettre votre idée en FR ou ici en EN.

Atelier proposé par Innosuisse et le réseau thématique national RTN Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services

Modérateur: Michel Bénard – Consultant et Expert @ Innosuisse


  • Gundula Heinatz Bürki – Managing Director @ RTN Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services
  • Silvia Quarteroni, Senior manager – Natural language processing expert at ELCA Informatique SA
  • Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo – Professeur, Ingénierie des services informationnels @ Université de Genève, Faculté des Sciences Economiques et Sociales

Deep-Learning Workshop


The Deep Learning Workshop is a pre-conference event of the 5th Swiss Conference on Data Science – SDS|2018. It will take place on Wednesday, June 6, 2018at GS1 Schweiz, Monbijoustrasse 68 in Bern.

Deep Learning methods have shown significant success in tackling some of the major long-standing challenges in Machine Learning. Particular applications to Image Analysis, Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing and many others demonstrate the important advances in this field.

In this workshop, we review some of the major trends, with a focus on applications that are becoming viable for the industry.

Find more details on program and registration on: https://sds2018.ch/deep-learning-workshop


Swiss Conference on Data Science

SDS|2018 brings together opinion-leaders, practitioners, decision-makers and researchers with interest in Data Science. The goal is to foster the exchange of ideas specifically for the Swiss market and to sustain the community of Data Scientists in Switzerland. Get access to trends, innovations, and technologies that you can directly use for the development of your products, solutions, and applications based on data (structured, unstructured, internal, open, linked…), and use the breaks for networking and discussion with peers. Discuss latest research and discover new methods and tools.

Find more details about the conference at: https://www.sds2018.ch/

Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services

Innovation and Cyber Security

On June 14, 2018, Innosuisse and the Israeli Innovation Agency “Israeli Innovation Authority” will meet for an exchange. The public part of the event takes place from 14.00 – 17.30 on the Gurten in Bern and revolves around the topic “Innovation & Cyber Security”.

On behalf of Innosuisse, we are pleased to invite you for this occasion. You may also forward the invitation to interested parties – especially companies in your network. You will find the program in the appendix and on the website at www.innosuisse.ch/israel-visit

Find the details here.

Big Data: Visualisation & Enjeux

Big Data: Visualisation & Enjeux

by Virtual Switzerland + Swiss Alliance for Data-intensive Services


Mon 25 June 2018, 17:00 – 20:00 CEST

Université de Fribourg

Boulevard de Pérolles 90

PER B205 – Hall A130

1700 Fribourg


The event will be an opportunity to attend presentations from Big Data and Visualization professionals, and to network for potential joint projects with industry and academic representative.

Program and registration are available here.

Digital Week 2018

Building on the success of the three conferences Smart Maintenance, Konferenz Perspektiven mit Industrie 4.0Artificial Intelligence in Industry & Finance and Smart Service Summit, we are extending to a comprehensive „Winterthurer Digitalwoche“. The three conferences will be embedded in a coherent framework programme provided by the Data+Service Alliance. In this enlarged context, we want to push further ahead services based on digitization and data science across the boundaries of industry sectors and scientific domains, thus providing leading edge knowledge and inspiration to both industry and science.

CANVAS-Workshop “Cybersecurity Challenges in the Government Sphere”

The Horizon 2020 CANVAS project investigates ethical aspects of cybersecurity. In our upcoming workshop, international experts will discuss ethical, legal and technical aspects when state actors enforce or undermine cybersecurity. Topics of discussion are:

– Active countermeasures, attribution & retaliation

– Vulnerabilities, Zero Day exploits, backdoors and a states right to access protected information in the cyberspace

– Cyber Peace

The workshop takes place on September 5-6 in Bern, Switzerland. Experts interested in these topics are invited to attend free of charge; registration is required.

More background and information how to register can be found in the attached flyer or here.

We look forward for meeting you in Bern.

Data Analytics: Creating Value in Practice

Organised by PwC

19.09.2018, 16:00 – 18:00

Venue: Le Musée Olympique, Lausanne

(This event will take place in French language.)

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are revolutionizing value creation, innovation processes and digital transformation. How can you apply to your business the procedures that make Google and Amazon successful? Swiss Alliance for Data Intensive Services and we are delighted to invite you to a practical seminar.

We will welcome as speakers three experts who will share their knowledge and experience:

Matthias Leybold, Cognitive Automation & NLP, PwC Switzerland, shows how the pace of digitization forces companies to analyze and exploit their data if they want to continue to prosper in the future. One way to anchor data analysis in all processes and at all levels of activity is to establish a Data & Analytics Center of Excellence. Matthias Leybold explains how he did it for PwC.

Silvia Quarteroni, Senior Manager, Elca Informatics Ltd., is analyzing how more and more companies are using virtual assistants developed for the customer database to effectively communicate with their customers and can offer better customer service. It immerses itself in the world of data analysis and artificial intelligence and shows the latest technologies and possibilities, but also the dangers and pitfalls.

Michel Bernard, Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services (formerly Google), explains how machine learning and artificial intelligence are applied in the most varied sectors and how new services can be developed using data. It shows you successes, ongoing projects and visions for the future.

After the presentations, you can experience first-hand digital innovation on our booths. Send us your questions at the same time as your registration. We discuss how your business can benefit from Data Analytics and innovative technologies.

Click here to register for the event!

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