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Expert Group Meeting – Business Models for Data-Driven Services

We are happy to invite you personally to the next Expert Group Event. The event will be both in person and online.

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5:00 pm
The window to engine data visibility is open wide
– incl. Q & A

5:30 pm
Finding the missing Link in 500 federal folders comprising over 100’000 pages of evidence
– incl. Q & A

6:00 pm
Networking Apéro

Talk 1
The window to engine data visibility is open wide
Dr. Markus Wenig, Team Leader Autonomous Systems, Winterthur Gas & Diesel (WinGD)

WinGD’s Integrated Digital Expert (WiDE) system is a comprehensive performance monitoring system that supports crew on vessels and on shore by delivering business-enhancing, actionable insights from engine and ship data.
WiDE’s performance analysis and condition monitoring is based on a tailored digital twin model of the main engine that combines detailed engine configuration and tuning with the specific engine’s factory test and sea trial results. This digital twin is compared to real-time performance to identify differences and highlight opportunities to optimize the main engine operation and offer early warning of potential faults, malfunctions or maintenance requirements. Some key benefits are: (1) Performance monitoring and optimisation advice tailored specifically for your engine; (2) Possibility for enhanced remote services supporting crew interventions on board; and (3) Allows extended real-time engine data sharing to enhance integration with on board energy management and voyage optimisation systems..

Biography: Dr. Markus Wenig
Markus Wenig holds a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Stuttgart and a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) from ETH Zurich in the area of Management, Economics and Technology. Markus joined WinGD in 2017 as a simulation expert before transferring as team leader Autonomous Systems to WinGD’s newly founded Digital Transformation and Technology department in 2020. He and his team support the development of digital products and services such as digital twins, AI/ML based models, and hybridized powertrain solutions. In 2019 Markus has joined the CIMAC association as secretary of CIMAC WG20 ‘System Integration.

Talk 2
Herlock.ai – Finding the missing Link in 500 federal folders comprising over 100’000 pages of evidence
Barbara Müry, CEO Herlock.ai

For the compliance and legal profession, the exponential growth of data is both a threat and a promise. A threat, because finding crucial facts buried in hundreds of thousands of documents is hard. A promise, because proper management, analysis, and interpretation of data provides a competitive advantage and full transparency during all stages of investigations.
Herlock.ai has been used in a recent Swiss legal case that has received high media coverage. 500 federal folders that physically fill entire walls of shelves were an unprecedented challenge for the involved parties. The quick search and navigation is a key tool and the analytics we provided were used for official submissions to the court.

Biography: Barbara Müry
Barbara holds a Master’s degree in Psychology and Law from the University of Zurich and later studied Financial Accounting and Marketing Management at Harvard University. She has worked in various management positions at Swiss Global Enterprise and Credit Suisse, as well as at a leading communications agency.

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GEOSummit 2022: Webinar Open Data und Crowd Sourcing

Werte GEO-Interessierte

Es freut uns, das zweite Webinar im Jahr 2022 ankündigen zu können.

Das Wichtigste:

  • Thema: OPEN DATA UND CROWD SOURCING, Detailbeschreibung siehe -> Webinare 2022
  • Datum: 21. September 2022
  • Zeit: 15.30 – 17.00 Uhr
  • Form: online (Link wird mit Bestätigungsmail zur Registrierung verschickt)
  • Organisator: data innovation alliance, Nicolas Lenz

Das Registrierungsportal ist eröffnet, wir freuen uns über Ihre Anmeldung.

Databooster Workshop on Usability Testing – European Project H2020 domOS

Usability Testing for evaluating a product or service by testing it with representative users
This Workshop on User Experience brings together researchers and service leaders to share knowledge and support projects with data science tools.
The goal of the Workshop is to share knowledge on user experience principle, tools and applications. You will get an overview of the European consortium domOS project – A building local communication network provides access to sensors data and smart devices / appliances to applications either hosted in the gateway or in the cloud.

See the FLYER for more information.

For registration please use the form below.

Halbtagesseminar «Digitaler Retrofit»

Wenn es um die Digitalisierung der Produktion geht, ist die Einbindung von Altsystemen eine Herausforderung. Diesen fehlen oftmals zwei wichtige Voraussetzungen: die Sensorik zur Erfassung von Daten und die Datenschnittstellen zu deren Weiterleitung. Ohne diese Fähigkeiten aber sind die Optimierung von Planung und Umrüstzeiten, die Steigerung von Performance und Verfügbarkeit, die Verbesserung von Qualitäts-Tracking und -Tracing sowie die Umsetzung von Predictive Maintenance nicht möglich. Beim Digitalen Retrofit geht es also darum, Altsysteme mit Sensor- und Steuerungstechnik zu bestücken – und das im laufenden Betrieb, ohne Break oder Downtime. Hinzu kommt, dass es sich oftmals um spezielle Einzelfälle handelt – ‚One size fits all‘ ist bei Retrofit praktisch ausgeschlossen. Die sensorisch-kommunikative Nachrüstung erfordert also jeweils eine anwendungsbezogene Bestandsaufnahme und Machbarkeitsanalyse. Die möglichen Anwendungsszenarien für digitalen Retrofit sind dabei breit gefächert.

Die Experten LeanBI, SICK, Brütsch & Rüegger und GradeSens werden mit Ihnen die positiven Effekte von Retrofit am Seminar «Digitaler Retrofit» thematisieren.

Finden Sie mehr Informationen sowie die Anmeldung auf der Webseite von Industrie2025.

7th European COST Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Industry and Finance

The annual conference on Artificial Intelligence in Industry and Finance hosted by ZHAW School of Engineering focuses on applications of AI methods and ideas in real-world contexts with industrial or financial backgrounds, and in addition discusses ethical questions arising from such issues. The conference brings together academics, young researchers, students and industrial practitioners from various backgrounds. With a keynote speaker from Google and session speakers from companies such as IKEA, Nvidia, Mobiliar, as well as from universities in Germany, Italy, and Switzerland, we have an exciting mixture of contributions.

Find more information and the registration on the official homepage link.


With more than double the attendees compared to last year’s conference, the SDS2022 was a great success with 580 participants. An exciting start, expert talks on topics particularly pertinent in data science, and a buzzing apero made the day turn into evening – since the easing of the pandemic, people are eager to interact more extensively, and we are proud to be a platform to enable this. A special thanks to our presenting partner D ONE and our scientific partner, the Datalab of the Zurich University of Applied Science!

Part one, with the workshops on June 22nd, took place in various location hubs around central Switzerland, mainly in Zurich, with great feedback garnered.

On the next day, part two in Lucerne featured talks on topics such as developing, deploying and operating machine learning-based systems (MLOps), Cybersecurity, AI for Humanity, and Data Ethics and Fairness.

With what kind of consequential topics did speakers engage the participants? Technological innovation can no longer work on greater-than-human efficiency alone. This means that data-driven approaches cannot neglect responsible AI which has been trained on societal factors such as ethics, fairness and privacy. Industries like insurance and security are tackling this delicate topic with data ethics experts.

Speaking of security, with tech becoming smarter, so is the hacking potential and so-called data poisoning, where training data gets infiltrated, tampered with and corrupted, leading to false outcomes or even harmful consequences. Yet most media have remained surprisingly quiet on this topic; so experts and industry leaders – stay vigilant and plan countermeasures from the beginning when deploying models!

We were honored to host our two keynote speakersRoberto Capobianco and Francesca Dominici

Roberto presented Sophy, the AI racing agent from Sony, developed through reinforcement learning. What makes Sophy so noteworthy is its balance of cooperation – following racing rules and etiquette – whilst pushing difficult, winning maneuvers, influenced humans to also use higher risk steering. This paves the way for a new generation of AI in complex physical systems.

Francesca’s talk regarding covid, climate and human health was particularly timely. She masterfully demonstrated the ways in which data can be used to advocate, shape and defend climate policy by presenting evidence of climate risks.

Participants voted for their favorite poster video and presentation in the app. The winners received a certificate at the award ceremony.

The unmissable SDS apero was a welcome and fun chapter in the conference. After three years of mostly zoom meetings, people didn’t want to leave until late! With such a stunning view at lake Lucerne, who could blame them?

Enough from us – here is what some of our attendees said about their experience (opens in a new window):
And that’s just a fraction of the presentations and experiences. Curious for more? Next year’s SDS2023 will be in Zurich on June 23rd, and with an even greater on-site emphasis. For a feel of the event, look out for our flashback video soon.

Thank you to the sponsors that made this event possible, to the speakers that breathed life into the conference, and the attendees who participated actively, intelligently and insightfully.

Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to get sneak-peaks, deadlines and sign-up notices. See you in 2023 – Together we move faster!

Reinforcement Learning Use Cases Workshop

Often the biggest challenge in realizing applied RL projects lies in identifying the right use cases.
Join us and discover exciting new RL use cases for your organization!
This workshop is jointly organized with Databooster, an Innosuisse powered Innovation Booster program.
No prior experience with RL is required.

17:30 Akim Borbuev: Examples of RL use cases in Energy Management
17:45 Claus Horn: Identifying RL use cases
17:50 Workshop: “Develop your own RL use case”, moderated by Jürg Meierhofer
18:30 Snacks & drinks


“Make Your Building Smart & Green through Deep Reinforcement Learning”
by Akim Borbuev

Akim Borbuev is a reinforcement learning engineer at BicTop, a consulting company, with locations in Boston, United States and Madrid, Spain, that specializes in AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, ESG impact assessment, and System Dynamics. He received his MSc and PhD in Electrical Engineering from New York University (NYU) where he also worked as an adjunct professor before joining BicTop. His current research interests include the real-world applications of reinforcement learning, especially in finance and energy systems.

Claus Horn (ZHAW), Mark Rowan (Rowan Cognitive), Georg Russ (die Mobiliar)

SIT Academy, Heinrichstrasse 200, 8005 Zürich

Or you can join us online here.

Find more information on the meetup page here.

Smart Maintenance Insights

Am 02. Juni 2022 laden wir Sie sehr herzlich zu unserer Online-Session „smart maintenance insights“ ein.

In Zusammenarbeit mit data innovation alliance veranstaltet Easyfairs zum ersten Mal die smart maintenance insights kostenfrei per MS Teams.

Rund um die Fokusthemen Predictive Maintenance und Predictive Quality erwarten Sie am Donnerstag, den 02. Juni 2022, zwei hochwertige Referate, welche die Wissenschaft und die Praxis zusammenbringen.

Melden Sie sich an unter maintenance-schweiz.ch mit dem Registrierungscode 250.
Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Anmeldung!

Data Science Workshop – Focus on Sales & Marketing

Der Einsatz von Künstlicher Intelligenz (KI) hat in den letzten Jahren global sowie auch in der Schweiz ein starkes Wachstum erlebt und ist zu einem der grössten Treiber der Digitalisierung geworden. Ein Grossteil der Schweizer Firmen planen kurzfristig den Einsatz von KI oder nutzen sie bereits. Welche Bereiche von KI gibt es? Welche Probleme können damit im Bereich Sales & Marketing (S&M) gelöst werden? Durch verschiedene interaktive Tasks führen wir die beiden Bereiche KI und S&M zusammen, finden heraus welche Probleme mit KI gelöst werden können und welche nicht, und erhalten einen vertieften Einblick über Anwendungen von KI in den Bereichen.

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