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The second Smart Services Summit, Zurich, 13 September 2019

Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services held in Zurich its second Smart Services Summit at Swisscom’s new workspace in Zurich. We had 30 attendees at the summit; a good mix from industry and universities. The meeting started with five hard hitting industrial presentations on the problems and challenges associated with digitalization in industries and what is expected from the smart services. The summit was jointly supported by the ASAP Service Management Forum (Italy). 

All firms face challenges with Industry 4.0 and the development of Smart Services. Smart Services can support digitally enabled servitization by making it more efficient in delivery/execution or by allowing new disruptive business models to be developed. The firms provided examples or large, mid-sized and small firms – proving that size in this new business area is not necessarily an advantage.

The academic presentations were broken up into three sessions: 

  • Value System Design: how to integrate resources to create value in service ecosystems
  • Value Propositions: how to create value for the actors in the ecosystem
  • Value Capturing: how to create value for the companies in the ecosystem.

The academic presentations were limited to only seven minutes, and one slide to allow more time for Q&A and further discussions. Several new collaborations were formed at the meeting. An ebook (what else?) will be produced from the summit.

An exchange meeting with ASAP take place in Brescia in October 2019.

Pic below: Moritz Classen (Institute of Technology Management, University of St .Gallen) with his poster.