Highlights from the 4th meeting of the expert group Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Management

Our 4th meeting of the expert group “Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Management” was hosted by Migros Logistics Transport. In a first speech the blockchain-startup Ambrosus explained us there approach to a blockchain-based supply chain management, whereas Migros in the second part provided us insights into their encounters with the digitalization of the supply chain and blockchain technology.

Stefan Meyer from Ambrosus presented us his view on the blockchain technology in supply chains. Ambrosus has recognized how only a holistic approach can generate value and blockchain is a tiny piece in a whole sequence of technologies. A combination of all technologies is needed to solve supply chain problems such as lack of traceability and counterfeits of goods: The basis forms the data collection with IoT devices. Without proper data, all subsequent steps are meaningless. Only after a sound data collection, technologies such as blockchain or AI are applied to improve tracking. But blockchain has a second function at Ambrosus: community management. Ambrosus has a large and active community who secures the network, tests new products and brings new ideas all organized around its AMB-Net.

After Stefan’s very exciting presentation, Thomas Wunderli from Migros Logistics Transport presented with the same enthusiasm the supply chain tower of Migros. Over the last two years, Migros has implemented a real-time monitoring system that captures everything from processes to transports in their supply chain and augments this with external data sources, e.g. weather reports. This allows Migros to react as fast as possible to unforeseen situations. Thomas also emphasized the importance of solid data in order to support decisions of the logistics headquarter. In a next step, Migros think about what data could be anchored or stored on a blockchain to create value.

As always, the participants asked numerous questions which led to fascinating discussions. We are looking forward to have more of these inspiring discussions in our fifth meeting in April.

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