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Use-Case Talk Series on Artificial Intelligence!

Location: ZHAW Lagerstrasse 41, Zurich. Room number  ZL O2.10.

Interesting discussions at the networking apéro are included! The Use-Case Talks Series will take place in ZHAW Lagerstrasse on Wednesday, 31.10.2018, at 16:00. The Use-Case Talk Series is organized by Aspaara Algorithmic Solutions AG on behalf of the Swiss Alliance of Data-Intensive Services. The participation is free of charge.

For registration please write an email (Name, affiliation and position) to alexander.grimm@aspaara.com. The number of places is limited!

Program (31.10.2018)

  • 16:00 Introduction by Alexander Grimm (CEO Aspaara Algorithmic Solutions AG)
  • 16:15 First Talk – Prof. Dr. Thilo Stadelmann (25 minutes talk + 20 minutes QnA): Challenges, Results and Lessons from the DeepScore Project.
  • 17:00 Demonstration — Dr. Lucas Fievet (10 minutes Demo + 5 minutes QnA): “Learning code migrations” reinforcement learning and keyword proximity used for automatical translation of computer code.
  • 17:15 Break (15 minutes)
  • 17:30 Second Talk — Dr. Christian Spindler (25 minutes talk + 20 minutes QnA): Recent progresses in assessment techniques for black-box systems to build trust in AI.
  • 18:15 Apéro

Weihnachtslounge Innovation program “Manufacturing technologies”

VNL Switzerland, the AM Network and the Data+Service Alliance are pleased to invite you to the Christmas Lounge 2018!

Innosuisse’s “Manufacturing Technologies” impulse program forms an interface between logistics, IT and manufacturing. Help Switzerland remain one of the leading countries in the development and application of digital technologies. Post your ideas, ask questions and exchange ideas with members of the 3 National Thematic Networks during an apero.

Date: 11.12.2018

Location: Technopark Zurich, Room Cobol, Technoparkstrasse 1, 8005 Zurich

Time: 16:30 – 18:30

Register via email to info.office@data-service-alliance.ch

Subject: Innovation Program Manufacturing Technogoies

Text: Register FULL NAME

Open source tool for data manipulation – KNIME


Open-source tool for data manipulation – KNIME

This Workshop on Data Science brings together researchers and service leaders in order to share knowledge and support projects with data science tools. The goal of the Workshop is to share knowledge on data science principle, tools and applications. You will get an overview of the Innosuisse National Thematic Networks (NTN) – Swiss Alliance for Data-intensive Services (data+service).

Date : 16.01.2018
Time : 14h-16h00
Place : Room 06, HES-SO Master, Avenue de Provence 6, 1007 Lausanne
Registration : https://www.eventbrite.fr/e/billets-innosuisse-ntn-workshop-on-data-science-52901283162

Find more information here.

Use-Case Talks Series – Best Practices in Data Science Projects

Use-Case Talk Series: Best Practices in Data Science Projects

Zurich Technopark
(hosted by Aspaara Algorithmic Solutions AG)

What are the best practices in Data Science projects? We will gather and share knowledge about reproducibility of results, practical guidelines for data acquisition, algorithm development, computational analysis and how to organise data science tasks in a modular manner.

Besides technical practices we also touch business related ones: How to define key question, how to test and validate models on a regular basis?


For registration please write an email (Name, affiliation and position) to us.  The number of places is limited!


16:00 Introduction

Alexander Grimm, CEO Aspaara Algorithmic Solutions AG

16:15 Use-Case Talk 1: Is Fair Benchmarking Possible? (25 minutes talk + 20 minutes QnA)

Dr. Thomas Herrmann, Dozent ZHAW IDP

17:00 Live Demonstration (10 minutes Demo + 5 minutes QnA)

Dr. Holger Rommel, ti&m, Head Research & Digital Transformation

17:15 Break (15 minutes)

17:30 Use-Case Talk 2: Learning from the data science trenches (25 minutes talk + 20 minutes QnA)

Marc Schöni, Microsoft, Technical Specialist for AI & Advanced Analytics

18:15 Apéro and Networking

We look forward to seeing you at the Use Case Talk Series 2019!

If you have any question or concern please do not hesitate to contact us.

Talk 1: Is fair benchmarking possible?

Abstract: Benchmarking is both a curse and a blessing: on the one hand it is essential to assess its own position compared to those of the competitors, on the other hand benchmarking is also used to set target in order to increase productivity and efficiency. In my presentation I will show a quantitative method how to make fair comparisons to identify best practice and how to avoid unrealistic targets that can otherwise lead to demotivation and lower productivity.

Speaker: Thomas Herrmann studied mathematics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and subsequently worked intensively on timetable creation and new operational possibilities in the field of traffic management for railways during his dissertation. Thereafter, he worked in the private sector for more than 12 years until summer 2018. During this time he conducted several studies in the field of infrastructure management for roads and railways, including benchmarking. Now he is a lecturer at ZHAW, at the Institute for Data Analysis and Process Design (IDP).

Talk 2: Learning from the data science trenches

Abstract: Delivering data science projects is top of mind for many organizations. But how do you ensure that projects are successful and what should you be cautious about? Come to this talk to hear from Marc Schöni about this.

Speaker: Marc Schöni holds a Master’s degree in Data Science and works as a Technical Specialist for AI & Advanced Analytics with Microsoft in Switzerland. On a daily basis, he engages with customers to help them identify suitable first use cases and the most appropriate technologies for successful implementation.

Computer Vision X Data Science

An event by Swiss Data + Service Alliance, hosted by Rockstar Recruiting AG

Date: Thursday, 23rd of May 2019, 6-9pm
Location: KATE VASS GALERIE (Art & Tech Club)
Feldeggstrasse 88, 8008 Zürich
Time: Doors open at 6pm, 3 presentations from 6:30pm to 7:30pm (each
15Min+5Min Q&A). Afterwards: Apero and wine on rooftop terrace of the

Format: The goal of the event is to bring together roughly 40 invite-only
experts who are actively working on cutting edge technology on the interface
of computer vision and data science. Rockstar Recruiting will invite talented
data scientists, and computer vision experts while Swiss Data + Service
Alliance will invite corporates who work in the field. Speakers (tba) are
representing local companies that apply Computer Vision and will showcase
some of their developments.
Furthermore, speakers will comment on what kind of profiles they areö
currently and prospectively searching to hire.

Special: https://www.katevassgalerie.com/de/exhibitions/26-automat-und-

Participants might be able to already take a look at the AI exhibition “Automat
und Mensch” before it will be open to public in the following week.

For more information, click here

General Assembly

The General Assembly 2019 of the Data+Service Alliance will take place on October 02, 2019 at FHNW campus, Riggenbachstrasse 16 (ORI), CH-4600 Olten. More details will follow in the next months.

The GA is co-located with the Match-Making event, which takes place earlier in the afternoon.

Like the previous times, the GA will not only be a place for the members’ main contacts to exercise their official voting rights, but also place for everyone else from our Alliance to get into the details of what makes up our network, and to get in touch. The GA will be followed by a networking Apero at the end.

We encourage everyone interested in joining us by registering themselves via email  hereYou can use the following text:

Sub: GA registration

Text: Register : myself, guest (details of the guest if anyone is joining you).

In case of questions, contact us for clarifications.

Use-Case Talk Series – Rapid Prototyping

In collaboration with Aspaara Algorithmic Solutions

Rapid Prototyping! We share stories and insights about frameworks, best practices and tools in software prototyping. Rapid prototyping cares less about planning and more about an adaptive process. It is used when design specifications are not known in the beginning.

The Use-Case Talks Series will take place in TECHNOPARK® Zürich on 31.10.2019 at 18:00.

The Use-Case Talk Series is organized by Aspaara Algorithmic Solutions AG on behalf of Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services.

Participation is free of charge — interesting discussions at the networking Apéro are included!

For registration please write an email (Name, affiliation and position) to info.office@data-service-alliance.ch. The number of places is limited!

• 18:00 Introduction Alexander Grimm, PhD, CEO Aspaara Algorithmic Solutions AG

• 18:15 Use-Case Talk 1: Data Science Prototyping: What can be done in 3 weeks? Nitin Kumar, COO Propulsion Academy Zürich

• 19:00 Live Demonstration, tbd (write us if you are interesting in a doing a demo)

• 19:30 Use-Case Talk 2: Transition from Prototype to Product, what to look out for – a developer’s perspective, Lionel Hertig

• 20:15 Apéro and Networking

Data-Driven Business Models: Insights from business practitioners

The expert group Data-Driven Business Models invites all members to participate in this event, featuring two talks, followed by Q&A and Networking Apero.

The event is for free. Registration per e-mail to expert.group@d-one.ai

4:30 pm Welcome & Registration
4:45 pm Intro
5:00 pm Content is king, but data is the driver  –  incl. Q & A
5:30 pm AI powered Hawk Eye –  incl. Q & A
6:00 pm Start Networking-Apero
Pre-Session *:
3:30 pm Meet-an-Expert Sessions (2x30min)

Talk 1

Content is king, but data is the driver.
Christian Ammendola

The media industry is a highly digitized industry which is in the middle of the digital transformation. The business model of media companies, and also of NZZ, is centered around a digital strategy in which data plays a relevant role. In this presentation Christian Ammendola will provide an overview of the role of data in supporting different goals in the digital transformation at NZZ.

Biography: Christian Ammendola is Head of Data, Analytics and AI at Neue Züricher Zeitung (NZZ) where he leads a data team consisting of data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists.

Prior to NZZ he was working for 5 years in a startup leading a small data science team designing and implementing machine learning driven data products in the mobile devices field. He also successfully completed several Innosuisse projects focusing on innovative data products such as a recommender system and a market segmentation tool driven by machine learning models. In the course of his career Christian worked in different data roles with main focus on data science but also data warehousing, data engineering and data analytics. Christian holds a Master in Computer Science and a specialization on machine learning and statistical techniques.

Talk 2

AI Powered Hawk Eye
Jürgen Schwärzler, Senior Consultant, D ONE
Ioanna Tzanetou, Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft

Gain business-relevant information from untouched sources (document archives, e-mails, videos, voice recordings  or other document repositories) – which previously could not be made usable, or only with much effort. With the AI framework „Hawk Eye“ you can convert documents and media content into structured, usable and valuable information. The AI framework can be adapted and applied in any company to support many use cases.

Biography: Dr Jürgen Schwärzler
Jürgen received his PhD in Statistics from University of Vienna in 2004. Before joining D ONE he worked for several years in the tech industry in Silicon Valley. His areas of expertise are Machine Learning, predictive modelling, A/B testing and cognitive Services.

Biography: Ioanna Tzanetou
Ioanna holds a MSc from ETH Zürich in Management, Technology and Economics and a Bachelor in Computer Engineering and Informatics. Before joining Microsoft, she worked as a research assistant at the University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong. Her areas of expertise are Machine Learning, Cognitive Services and Augmented Reality

Please register for the Expert Group Event per e-mail to expert.group@d-one.ai


* Data-Driven Business Models: Meet-an-Expert Sessions

New offering for members: distinct meet-an-expert sessions, where you are able to meet an expert to discuss emerging questions in the realm of “Data-driven Business Models”. D ONE and the Institute of Technology Management (University of St. Gallen) are offering each two slots of about 30 minutes to discuss problems and provide first hints or propositions to solve these. The sessions will take place from 15.30 – 16.30 before the Expert-group event.

To reserve one of these slots, please contact Patrick Buck (patrick.buck@d-one.ai) of D ONE or Philipp Osterrieder (philipp.osterrieder@unisg.ch) from the University of St. Gallen with a brief summary of your situation and problem. You may choose your favorite expert, or we assign the one with the best fit to your question.

Do not hesitate to reach us through mail or telephone and profit from the possibility to meet an expert as part of the Data+Service Alliance. However, be aware that only four slots are available, therefore, first come first serve.

Service Lunch with SAP


Is standard software and innovation a contradiction?

Get an update about the importance of the “intelligent enterprise” and its opportunities and challenges. What role are the new technologies playing? And how is experience management influencing the business processes?

Daniel Kölsch will break this down and talk about the exciting innovation cases which grew out of the SAP’s Mode-2 Garage and the methodolgy and concepts we use. Our Mode-2 Garage is also available for your innovation cases, use this opportunity: we want to see you go live.

For more information please take a look at our flyer

The flyer has been updated! The event will now be online.

Registration can be found here: Registration


Match-Making Event


Join us on April 28th, 2020, 1:00 – 3:20 pm for another round of matching among Data+Service members.

At the first Data+Service Alliance online match-making event you will:

  • listen to exciting pitches and collaboration ideas
  • sharpen your collaboration ideas by discussing them with other experts
  • find the best-fitting collaboration partners for your project

Two ways to participate:

  1. Pitch your idea and find project partners.
    What to do: Send us a 45 seconds video of your idea, including an introduction of you and your project goal as well as a brief description of the partners you’re trying to find.
    Deadline: April 20th, 2020.* Alternatively you can send 1-2 slides to pitch your idea at the event. For the event, prepare to pitch your idea in 3 minutes. Make sure to cover the following questions:

    • What’s the project about?
    • What’s the project’s current state?
    • What’s the project’s next step?
    • What or who are you looking for?
    • How should others collaborate?
  2. Listen to ideas and partner-up for a project with one of the pitching teams.
    What to do: Register till April 24th, 2020 by sending a mail to info.office@data-service-alliance.ch.

The event:
First: 3 minutes pitch and 2 minutes questions for each idea.
Then: Split in different virtual rooms to discuss the ideas and find collaboration partners.

Preliminary Agenda
13:00 – 14:30 Pitches
14:30 – 14:45 Break
14:45 – 15:15 Discussion & Matching
15:15 – 15:20 Conclusion


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